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Product Type Product Product Number
Base Unit PBS-Mini Vertical-Wheel Bioreactor Base Unit (120-240 V) FA-UNI-B-501
Single-Use Vessels PBS-0.1 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel with Bottom Port (pack of 1) FA-0.1-D-101
PBS-0.1 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel (pack of 4) FA-0.1-D-001
PBS-0.5 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel with Bottom Port (pack of 1) FA-0.5-D-101
PBS-0.5 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel (pack of 4) FA-0.5-D-001
PBS-Mini Extended 4-Gang DC Power Distribution Cable IA-UNI-BA-112

Technical Specifications:

Case Studies

Defined Biomatrices Accelerate MSC Manufacturing Across Scales
T Cell Expansion in PBS-Mini Using CellGenix Reagents
Overcoming Bioprocess Bottlenecks in the Large-Scale Expansion of High-Quality hiPSC Aggregates in Vertical-Wheel Stirred Suspension Bioreactors
Transcriptome Profiling of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cerebellar Organoids Reveals Faster Commitment Under Dynamic Conditions
Initial Power Measurements for a Family of Novel Bioreactors

User Resources

PBS-Mini User Manual
PBS-Mini Datasheet


How can I monitor process parameters during a cell culture run?
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The 3L bioreactor’s software allows for customizable programming of process controls and real-time monitoring of parameters using various sensors. Feedback loops can be used to pause a run based on deviations from a set range.

What are recommended methods for sampling and harvesting?
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Both sampling and harvesting of cells can be achieved by unscrewing the orange cap on top of the single-use vessel (one cap on 0.1L, two caps on 0.5L vessel) and using a pipette to withdraw media. It is recommended to perform these procedures under a biosafety hood.

What is the function of the power accessory cable?
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This accessory allows the power cables from four different Mini bases to be combined into one plug for a wall outlet.

I have other questions regarding usage or troubleshooting of the PBS Mini.
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Please use the Products and/or Service quote form to submit any questions or inquiries related to a specific product(s).

What data are available demonstrating the performance of Vertical-Wheel bioreactors?
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Our Publications section lists numerous examples of cell culture performance data for various cell types generated by customers and collaborators as well as by our BioLab team.

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