Executive Team

Brian Lee, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder

Over 25 years of research and leadership experience in biopharmaceutical R&D, bioprocess scale up, and biomanufacturing with Amgen and Merck.

Nelson Bermudez
Chief Operating Officer

Over 25 years of executive experience directing global operations and external contract manufacturing for biopharmaceutical products at Amgen.

Matthew Croughan, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer and Head of R&D

Former CTO of Sapphire, Professor and Director of Amgen Bioprocessing Center at Keck Graduate Institute, and Chief Scientist at Genentech.

Joe Petrosky
Senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Over 25 years of sales and customer management experience with biotech products at Charter Medical and Millipore Corporation.

Mark Schneider
Senior VP of Finance & Controller

Over 25 years of accounting and financial management experience in biopharma companies including Amgen, Kythera, and Sienna.

Michael Murguia
VP of Human Resources

Over 35 years of HR management expertise such as talent acquisition, organizational development, and strategic planning at Amgen and various Fortune 100 companies.

Board of Directors

Brian Lee, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board, CEO and Founder of PBS Biotech.
Dennis Fenton, Ph.D.
Former Executive VP at Amgen.
Leland Foster, Ph.D.
Former CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Fisher Scientific.
Jerry Liao
Principal at Avego Management.
Daniel Friedman
Principal at BroadOak Capital Partners.

Advisory Board

Steve Lam
Former VP and General Manager of Single-Use Technology at Thermo Fisher Scientific and VP of Operations at Amgen.
Susan Lundeen
Former VP of Human Resources at Amgen and Kythera Biopharmaceuticals.
Bryan Poltilove
Former Operating Partner at BroadOak Capital and former VP at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
B.G. Rhee, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO of G.I. Innovations; former Chairman of Korea's Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine.
Bill Rich
Former VP of Device Technologies, VP of External Supply, and VP of International Supply Chain at Amgen.
Martin Simonetti
Former President & CEO of VLST, CFO of Dendreon, and VP of Finance of Amgen.