A New Paradigm for Suspension Cultures

The innovative Vertical-Wheel® impeller is the key to providing optimal fluid mixing conditions for sensitive therapeutic cells.

Create The Ideal Environment For Cell Therapy Products

Rotation of the Vertical-Wheel impeller within the distinctive U-shaped vessel fully suspends and gently agitates anchorage-dependent human cells that are sensitive to a bioreactor's hydrodynamic conditions. Critically, cell culture processes and hydrodynamic conditions optimized at small scale can be consistently replicated at progressively larger volumes.

Benefits of Vertical-Wheel Mixing for Therapeutic Cells

Consistent Morphology of Cell Aggregates
  • Complete particle suspension possible while maintaining a narrow distribution of energy dissipation rates (EDR)
  • Homogenous mixing environment promotes formation of circular aggregates of similar diameters
Minimal Shear Stress to Cells on Microcarriers
  • Minimal power input to impeller sufficient for consistent fluid flow patterns without hot zones of high turbulence and shear stress
  • Kolmogrorov eddy lengths are large enough to avoid shearing effects on surface-attached cells
True Scalability of Your Cell Culture Process
  • Process parameters optimized at small scale can be recreated at larger volumes with predictable results
  • A scalable bioreactor platform to meet your manufacturing and regulatory requirements

Consistency of Homogeneous Conditions During Scale Up

PBS-0.1 at various agitation rates
PBS-0.5 at various agitation rates
PBS-3 at various agitation rates
PBS-15 at various agitation rates

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models indicate that narrow distributions of energy dissipation rates (EDR) can be achieved at various agitation rates and volumes of Vertical-Wheel bioreactors (not to scale). The reproducibility of homogenous EDR conditions is essential for optimal and scalable production of therapeutic cells, particularly those grown as aggregates.

Effects of Vertical-Wheel Hydrodynamics on Therapeutic Cells

Cells as Self-Forming Aggregates
Homogenous EDR conditions promote formation of spherical aggregates, with inverse correlation between diameter and agitation rate. Heterogenous mixing in horizontal-blade impellers results in variable morphologies.
Cells on Surface of Microcarriers
Large particles such as microcarriers can be fully suspended with minimal power input to Vertical-Wheel impeller, resulting in turbulent fluid flow and larger eddies that avoid shearing effects on surface-attached cells.

PBS Product line

Start small and we grow with your business






The entry-level tool for representative process development. 0.1 and 0.5 L maximum working volumes available.


Take your process development to the next level with this full feature bioreactor. 3L maximum working volume.


Continue your cell culture process scale up for clinical stage production. 15L maximum working volume.


Prepare for commercial-scale manufacturing of your cell therapy products. 80L maximum working volume.

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