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Product Type Product Name Product Number
Bioreactors PBS-80 Vertical-Wheel Bioreactor (120 V) IA-80-B-511
PBS-80 Vertical-Wheel Bioreactor (240 V) IA-80-B-512
Single-Use Vessels PBS-80 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel (Floored Wheel) [Legacy Product] IA-80-D-504-L
PBS-80 Vertical-Wheel Single-Use Vessel (Floored Wheel) IA-80-D-511-L
Accessories PBS Autoclavable Probe Connector IA-UNI-DA-001
Reusable DO Sensor, 12mm OD x 220mm L with Right-Angle IC00468
Reusable pH Sensor, 12mm OD x 225mm L IC00469
Software PBS-80 Vertical-Wheel Bioreactor Software 3.0 (21 CFR Part 11 cGMP Upgrade) IA-80-SW-001

Technical Specifications:

Case Studies

Defined Biomatrices Accelerate MSC Manufacturing Across Scales
Overcoming Bioprocess Bottlenecks in the Large-Scale Expansion of High-Quality hiPSC Aggregates in Vertical-Wheel Stirred Suspension Bioreactors

User Resources

PBS-15 and PBS-80 Single-Use Bioreactors User Manual (Software v3) [P/Ns: IA-15-B-501 & -502; IA-80-B-511 & -512]
PBS-80 Datasheet


What cell types or cell culture applications are Vertical-Wheel bioreactors best suited for?
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Vertical-Wheel bioreactors provide the optimal hydrodynamic mixing environment for anchorage-dependent human cells that require suspension as large particles, such as cell aggregates or cells grown on microcarriers.

What is the difference between floored and floorless Vertical-Wheel impellers and what kind of cell culture processes are each suited for?
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The floored version has more panels around the circumference of the Vertical-Wheel that create cup-like sections and is better suited for cells grown on microcarriers or as single cells. The floorless version is nearly identical but with less panels and allows more fluid flow towards the axle, and is better suited for cell aggregate applications. Both versions have nearly identical hydrodynamic performance.

Are single-use dissolved oxygen and pH sensors available for use with all Vertical-Wheel bioreactors?
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The 3L, 15L, and 80L bioreactors are available in one version that accommodates single-use sensors and another version that is designed for reusable sensors (no cross-compatibility). The housing for the reusable sensor version can be modified to solely accommodate single-use sensors; please contact our Applications Engineering team for the service details.

What is the Adjustable Height Harvest Valve (AHHV) and is it available in all Vertical-Wheel bioreactors?
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The AHHV extends from the bioreactor housing through the bottom of the single-use vessel using a sterile connection. Similar to a periscope, the tip of the AHHV can extend just beyond the top of a bed of settled cells to drain spent liquid with minimal supernatant for a medium exchange process, or can be used to harvest cells suspended in media. The AHHV is only available in 15L and larger bioreactors. More details can be found in respective User Manuals.

How can I monitor process parameters during a cell culture run?
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The 3L bioreactor’s software allows for customizable programming of process controls and real-time monitoring of parameters using various sensors. Feedback loops can be used to pause a run based on deviations from a set range.

Can I control and monitor my cell culture process remotely?
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Yes, the software on 3L and larger size bioreactors allows for remote process monitoring, adjustments, and alarm reporting over a secure connection to various devices.

How is process-related data stored and accessed?
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The software can customize how often and what kind of data will be stored on the bioreactor’s on-board hard drive. Automatic downloading of data can be directed to a local computer with direct LAN connection. All user logins, process changes, and data histories follow 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for cGMP.

How do I know the number and types of Vertical-Wheel bioreactors I will need?
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Please use the Contact form to describe your process requirements and our Applications Engineering team will be able to assist with your planning.

I have other questions regarding usage or troubleshooting of Vertical-Wheel bioreactors.
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Please use the Contact form to reach out to our Applications Engineering team with any inquiries.

Can the 80L Vertical-Wheel bioreactor be placed on top of a standard size lab bench?
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The 80L bioreactor is intended to be placed on the floor and has wheels for movement. Technical specifications such as dimensions and weight are available on the 80L product page.

What kind of training is needed to operate Vertical-Wheel bioreactors?
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All components of PBS bioreactors (housing, vessels, and software) have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use even for those with no previous experience using bioreactors. The provided User Manual provides detailed instructions for common use cases and you can also Contact Us with any other questions.

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